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The National Ski Council Federation (NSCF) is made up of ski councils and ski clubs throughout United States that have chosen to belong to the National Ski Council Federation.  Ski councils regionally serve member ski clubs that belong to that council. Just what is a Ski Council?

A ski council is an organization whose regular membership consists substantially of not-for-profit voluntary membership clubs (& their members) of which snow skiing (in various forms) is a major activity. The term ski council is meant to include some organizations that perform the above function, but include in their names the word association instead of council.

The Ski Councils throughout the United States have certain functions in common with each other but also have differences. Some of the factors affecting Ski Councils are:

     Proximity to significant skiing (some are within easy day trip distance, others are considerably further. Ski resort size and snow conditions vary in different regions of the country.

     Activities sponsored by a Ski Council can include ski instruction, racing programs, social activities, and inter-club trips. Ski club membership size varies among councils.

     The geographic area covered by Ski Councils varies greatly (i.e. the Northwest Ski Council covers two states; several ski councils cover the smaller geographic area of New York state).

Looking for a ski club in your area? Ski Clubs generally are affiliated with a Ski Council. Here you can find the Ski Councils across the U.S. with a link to their Council home page. Most Councils then have links to the clubs in their area.

We've divided the U.S. into 3 geographic sections for easier location. The East Coast includes the Southeast, Central includes all the middle tier of states and the West Coast covers from the Rocky Mountains west. See the map below.


     Locate a SKI COUNCIL that covers the area in which you are interested.

     Go to the Council's WEB SITE and look for their club list.

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